Eighteen-wheeler and company vehicle accidents are different from other vehicle accidents not only because the size of the vehicles involved are so much bigger than automobiles, but also because commercial drivers are subject to more safety rules and their companies typically have insurance with higher limits. These accidents can be made worse because of the freight being carried by the truck (flammable materials, for example.) Issues such as driver's logs, the amount of sleep a trucker had prior to the accident, cell phone use, driver inattention, maintenance of the tractor and trailer and use or non-use of over-sized load trailer vehicles are just some of the additional issues specific to these types of accidents.

Jon is well-versed in the steps needed to ensure that the proper person and/or entity is held responsible for your injuries. He conducts aggressive discovery to unearth every possible misstep the 18-wheeler driver and his company committed that contributed to the wreck. This approach ensures that the most possible compensation available to you in the form of medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, physical impairment and disfigurement is recovered.

If you have been injured in an 18-wheeler or company vehicle accident, Jon will help you determine whether you have a claim. If you do have a claim, it will be important to identify as many defendants as possible. Defendants could include the driver's trucking company, insurance company, employer and contractor. Any or all of those entities could be held responsible for your injuries under the law.

As with auto accidents, you can help make the most of your claim by doing the following:

  • Contact the police and call for an ambulance, if necessary;
  • Contact your insurance company and honestly relate the incident;
  • Do not discuss the accident with anyone other than your insurance company, the police and your lawyer;
  • Exchange only licenses, registration and insurance information with the other driver/drivers;
  • Get the names, addresses, driver's license numbers, dates of birth, genders and phone numbers of all other drivers involved;
  • Write down the name, address, and insurance company information for all the vehicles involved;
  • Get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses, including passengers;
  • Call a lawyer before discussing the accident with other drivers' insurance companies.

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Additional measures to help reach the best possible conclusion for your case:

  • Taking photos of the accident itself;
  • Keeping track of all of your medical treatment, including the names and contact information for any emergency personnel who may have helped you at the scene.
  • Documenting any part of your daily life that has been affected by your injuries. For example, missed workdays or daily activities that have become painful or which are no longer possible because of your injuries.
  • Be cautious in accepting an early settlement offer. You want to be sure all of your injuries have been treated before you settle. Some injuries take weeks or months to appear and you want to be sure you're compensated for those. If you need help finding a doctor or setting up appointments, Jon and his staff can help set up appointments and ensure that you make them.

The legal process can be intimidating but with Jon as your attorney, you are not alone. He and his staff will walk you through the process and keep you updated every step of the way.