When you are ill or have an injury, you expect your medical treatment to heal you, not hurt you. Sometimes, however, the very treatment and devices that are prescribed to help actually lead to more damage. Jon has been instrumental in pursuing legal claims against companies and physicians who manufacture and prescribe defective medical devices. As one of the lawyers who initiated litigation against one of the manufacturers of cold therapy devices, he was successful in recovering millions of dollars in settlements for those who were injured by them.

What is a Cold Therapy Device?

A cold therapy unit or device ("CTU") is a medical device designed to provide cold temperatures to an area to reduce pain and swelling usually after a patient undergoes surgery. The CTU is a small cooler with an electrical pump inside it that continuously circulates ice water from the cooler to cooling pads designed to cover certain body parts such as knees or ankles. Because it is designed to provide continuous cold therapy (could be up to 8 hours prior to refilling the cooler with ice-water) to the skin, victims of the continuous use of these devices have suffered severe frostbite-like injuries including skin and nerve damage that can require skin grafts. Jon was one of the two initiating attorneys on the mass tort litigation against manufacturers of these cold therapy devices. His diligence, persistence, and ability to work side by side with other attorneys resulted in millions of dollars in settlements for injured victims of these devices.

Symptoms and Complications of Cold Therapy Use

  • Frostbite like injury
  • Skin damage
  • Skin necrosis (death of upper layers of the skin)
  • Nerve damage or loss of nerve sensation (peripheral nerve injury)
  • Abnormal nerve sensations (pain, tingling, "pins and needles," electric shock sensations)
  • Numbness
  • Burning and/or knife-like radiating pain
  • Permanent cold sensitivity
  • Infection, gangrene
  • Swelling
  • Blistering
  • Surgery to remove necrotic skin (debridement)
  • Skin graft (skin transplant)
  • Amputation of the limb
  • Permanent disability
  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) Syndrome
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

What are the brand names and types of these machines that caused injuries?

Some manufacturers of cold therapy devices and the types of devices include:

  • EB Ice Model 10D
  • DonJoy Iceman
  • Breg Polar Care 300 and 500
  • DeRoyal T600
  • Cool Systems Game Ready

Is there an improper use of Cold Therapy devices?

Unfortunately, patients suffered severe injuries by using these prescribed medical devices as recommended by the manufacturers because the manufacturers incorrectly claimed that these devices could be used continuously for hours on end. Patients received little to no instruction on the risks of using these machines continuously, and consequently suffered complications and injuries such as skin and nerve tissue necrosis (death of skin and nerve cells cells). Some patients even suffered these types of injuries at temperatures far above freezing, in the 45° - 55° range.

What can you do if you or a loved one suffered injuries from a cold therapy unit?

When you call Jon for help, your well-being and recovery are paramount. Jon works with Dr. Brant Mittler, MD, JD. Dr. Mittler works as a cardiologist, lawyer, medical correspondent and advocate for those who suffer injuries because of these cold therapy devices. Together, Jon and Dr. Mittler have held the cold therapy manufacturers accountable for the injuries caused by their defective medical devices. They will work for you to get you medical treatment and the justice you deserve.

"Working with Jon and his team was a very positive and life-altering experience for me. Everyone dissuaded me from pursuing my claim. After approaching upwards of 10 attorneys, I was 10 days away from the deadline to file my suit when I found Jon. I had no idea what I was getting into and was in terrible physical condition. Jon and his team were extremely kind and patient with my family and me. I loved that they were professional without being formal. I would not wish my situation on anyone, but if you have to go through it, doing so with Jon and his team is like having your family fighting for you. I ended up with a sizable settlement and have referred several people to his firm. Every person I have referred has been happy with his representation."

Ann-Lynn P.