"Jon Powell and his colleague Mickey Johnson are phenomenal lawyers with great knowledge of the law and a passion to fight for those who have been wronged. Both lawyers have excellent communication skills and explain things clearly to their clients. We are so lucky to have found them for our case and greatly appreciate them fighting for the little guys. Also, watching Jon cross examine witnesses during depositions is a sight to behold! He is good!!! I highly recommend this law firm!"

Rita Kellogg

"My case was complicated and I had never been involved in something of this magnitude. Jon was more accessible than I expected and updated me on the process throughout. I knew what to expect and was prepared for the final result. There is no perfect situation when you enter into a legal battle, but I was pleased with Jon's representation overall. If I find myself in a similar situation in the future, I will call Jon first."

Ken P.

Wrongful death claim

"Working with Jon and his team was a very positive and life-altering experience for me. Everyone dissuaded me from pursuing my claim. After approaching upwards of 10 attorneys, I was 10 days away from the deadline to file my suit when I found Jon. I had no idea what I was getting into and was in terrible physical condition. Jon and his team were extremely kind and patient with my family and me. I loved that they were professional without being formal. I would not wish my situation on anyone, but if you have to go through it, doing so with Jon and his team is like having your family fighting for you. I ended up with a sizable settlement and have referred several people to his firm. Every person I have referred has been happy with his representation."

Ann-Lynn P.

"I was involved in a very complex and long legal battle that lasted nearly two years. I was up against an international, multi-billion dollar corporation with multiple lawyers. Jon was unfazed and handled the entire case with amazing competence. He was accessible 24/7 throughout and spent whatever time was necessary to talk me through the complexities of the lawsuit. He has handled other legal matters for me since then and has been very good to me through the years. Jon is like a bulldog: Once he sinks his teeth into your case, he fights for it and doesn't let go."

Dale W.

Breach of Contract/Tortious Interference with Contract Claim

"Jon has amazing energy and is extremely sharp. He understood our very involved real estate case immediately. We had to answer a lot of discovery and he helped us figure it all out - even if my husband and I called him in the wee hours of the morning. Jon and Joann were always available, responded to our questions quickly and did so courteously and professionally. They were very easy to work with and worked hard on our behalf. It took a long time to resolve our legal issues but Jon prepared us for every phase of the journey. He helped us bring ourselves back together again. He led the fight to make us whole and that's all we wanted. Even though he represented us in a specific type of lawsuit, we feel like we can go to him for anything."

Terri H.

Real Estate Claim

"My wife died in June 2001. I believed her death was due to the negligence of her doctors, a medical group and her HMO insurance company. When I approached Jon, he had several medical experts review my case and ultimately filed a lawsuit on my behalf. In 2005, after 19 days of trial and three days of jury deliberations, the jury returned a verdict in our favor. The defendants' attorneys filed multiple motions to dismiss the case and then overturn the verdict but none were successful. Jon and his co-counsel worked long and hard for my family and me and it is because of their dedicated belief in our case that it was successfully resolved. My family and I have referred and will continue to refer individuals to him because we know he will listen, use all resources available to him and will work hard to get answers for anyone who believes they have been wronged."

John S.

Negligence and Gross Negligence Claim

Joann Sanchez was one of the very best! Very professional and knowledgeable in every aspect. Made sure I was part of every step of the case and understood each step. So very fortunate that I chose her to represent me. Would definitely recommend her and her staff!

Tonya Nieto

Jon Powell took my Mother's case when the other big companies in San Antonio wouldn't. Jon did a great job and did it quickly and we WON!

Cyndi Broschat