VA Claims

  • Delay in care
  • Pain medication overdose

Commercial Disputes

Car wash & Truck wash equipment disputes

  • Equipment and/or chemicals don't work as promised

Unpaid invoices

Breach of Contract
  • Breach of Lease
  • Breach of contract for sale

Construction and Workplace Injuries

Past clients include: Owners, GCs, subcontractors and injured workers.

Issues include whether the companies involved have workers comp

  • Jon will coordinate with the Workers Comp Insurance company to see that clients get the correct health care and as well as the benefits they are owed. ANd when the case is resolved, Jon will go back to the workers comp carrier to try to negotiate a lower pay back rate.
  • Jon will also make sure that lost pay is calculated correctly.

Sometimes third parties (companies other than the employer) are at fault
  • Important to find out if the worker who caused the problem worked for another employer because there may be separate liability and claims for multiple employers.

Safety concerns
  • Safety is more than a poster. A GC may not be managing safety correctly at his worksite. Also important to determine whether the owner was aware of a defect on his premises.

Construction accidents

Scaffold collapse injuries
  • Problems with the scaffold caused by contractors allowing workers to remove cross braces, not using proper equipment to attach the scaffold to the building, missing ladders, no toeboards, items improperly stored on the scaffold

  • Falls from roofs and beams due to improper protections (such as missing harnesses)
  • Falls from construction elevators that weren't properly attached

Forklift injuries
  • Amputations caused by objects falling off of forklifts during transportation and loading
  • Areas not roped off
  • No safety boots
  • Improper supervision during use

Hit by falling objects at construction sites
  • Was area fenced off properly
  • Do all workers and visitors have hard hats?
  • Are adequate warnings posted?

Trench collapse injuries
  • Due to improper bracing, soils testing

Oilfield Injuries


  • If the field was high in Hydrogen Sulfide, were proper warnings posted?
  • Was a kill truck on site?
  • Was a yardman properly supervising the work?

Workers Comp
  • Jon will review autopsy and drug test results. This is particularly important because the method of testing can skew the results.
  • Jon works with experts on oil field servicing and well management

Well servicing Injuries

Hydrogen Sulfide exposure
  • If the field was high in Hydrogen Sulfide, were proper warnings posted?
  • Was the well properly monitored?
  • Were workers provided with H.S. monitors to wear?
  • Did the employer respond to exposure correctly - provide oxygen, transport the injured worker to the hospital fast enough?

Equipment failures that cause injuries

Vehicle accidents

VA Hospital claims

VA patients who are retired service people & their families. Active military members cannot make a claim.

VA cases are different from Med Mal cases. You need a lawyer who understands the process.

  • There is no trial by jury. Cases get tried in Fed court in front of a judge. So you need an attorney who understands how to prepare cases for bench trials.
  • Jon will help with filing the SF95 claim forms within the 2 year deadline
  • Jon will work his clients through the lengthy, convoluted VA claims process
  • Jon's finance background helps him work with clients to set up trusts for future care

Two main areas:
  • Delayed Care
  • Death resulting from prescription drug overdose

Both are related, because drug overdoses often result from fact that patients can't be seen in a timely manner, so they are given drugs instead/while waiting.

Real Estate Fraud

Partnership disputes