Claims against Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospitals require that specific guidelines must be followed. It is important to note that active duty military members CANNOT make a claim. Only VA patients who are retired service members and their families may sue.

Some examples of malpractice claims against VA Hospitals include needless medical measures that cause injury, delay of care, mistakes in prescribing or administering medication, mistakes in diagnosis and surgical errors.If you end up in a lawsuit as a result of your treatment or that of a family member, you will have to sue the United States of America pursuant to the stringent regulations of the Federal Tort Claims Act. There is no jury trial in VA cases. Rather, trials are held in federal court in front of a judge. You need a lawyer who understands the process. You need Jon.

Jon will help you fill out and file the SF95 claim forms within the two-year deadline. He will also walk you through the lengthy and convoluted VA claims process. Additionally, Jon’s background in finance helps him work with clients to set up trusts for their future care.