Attorneys Jon Powell and Mickey Johnson host a Radio show every Saturday on 92.1 KCAF called Legally Speaking where they answer listener questions and talk about interesting lawsuits. The 30-minute show airs on 14 south Texas radio stations across South Texas on the No Bull Radio Network.

Jon and Mickey discuss a legal case each week that has caught their attention, made national news, is very unique or just odd. They have covered the Johnny Deep, R. Kelly, Deshaun Watson and Rackspace Founder, Graham Weston, cases. Each show, Jon and Mickey answer listener questions on a wide range of legal issues ranging from employment disputes, oil and gas matters, personal injury cases, criminal law topics and more. There is also an education aspect to the show during the legal topic of the week segment. During this segment, Jon and Mickey break down legal topics, and make them fun and easy to understand. Jon and Mickey have explained attorney fee arrangements, the types of damages available in personal injury cases, the legal maxim "Buyer Beware" and several other interesting legal topics.

If you have a question you would like discussed on Legally Speaking, please email your questions to us at

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